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No one wants to be defined as “capital.”  People are not widgets or transactions. Employees are not automatons and their knowledge, expertise and contributions within organizations are not transactional.  So why does the term “human capital” persist? It shouldn’t and we are on a mission to eradicate it.

Earlier this year, SumTotal unveiled a unique approach to Human Capital Management (HCM) that’s rooted in our fundamental belief that technology solutions should help people become better at their jobs, not just record their activities.  We want to put the focus on humans, not on machines, not on technology.  We call this movement to re-humanize HR the HR Revolution.

Our goal with this blog is to expand HR Revolution. We want to open up the lines of communication and provide a forum where vendors, practitioners, thought leaders and experts can discuss the hot topic and trends in HR. As an organization who has been delivering HR solutions for over  30 years, we’ve worked with thousands of organizations and amassed significant knowledge around how businesses are empowering their employees, what’s working and what’s not and what the future holds.  We hope to share our experiences and insights knowledge through this blog. Our team is comprised of solution experts, recovering HR practitioners, thought leaders and technology pros, eager to share their knowledge and compare it with what we learn from your, our readers.

This blog is about you. It’s a place where you can find thoughts and opinions on trending technologies, provocative thought leadership ideas, stories from the HR trenches, and all the new, exciting information about SumTotal that that is relevant to you.

What this blog won’t be is a soap box where we will preach about our products. We’re not interested in only talking about ourselves. Our goal is to be a resource and forum where you can have an open dialogue with people who understand your challenges.

We’re excited to embark on this adventure. Let’s spread the word to others about our movement to re-humanize HR. Follow us on Twitter and tweet us your ideas and share your thoughts using the hashtag #HRRevolution.

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