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The Most Interesting Men in HR Discuss HR

They don’t always have time to get together, but when they do… they talk about HR.

Interesting facts about The Two Most Interesting Men in HR…

Bill Kutik:

  1. He’s the father of the HR Technology Conference
  2. He’s been named one of the 10 most powerful HR technology experts in the world
  3. He doesn’t always have SumTotal as a guest, but when he does, it’s compelling
  4. HE is the most interesting man in HRSumTotal-Hardeep-Bill-Kutic_web

Hardeep Gulati:

  1. He’s mastered master data management
  2. He’s the fearless leader of SumTotal Systems
  3. He doesn’t always talk learning, but when he does, it’s contextual and pervasive
  4. HE is the most interesting man in HR

On Wednesday, March 12, at 12 p.m. ET their worlds collide. Hardeep will join Bill on The Bill Kutik Radio Show for an unrehearsed, unedited and unfiltered conversation about the most interesting HR trends, game-changers and technologies and what they mean for organizations and employees today and in the future.

Topics include:

  • Contextual HR – What is it and why is it the next big thing in HR?
  • Learning, an Organization’s Secret Weapon – How learning is driving competitive advantage and business success across some of the world’s most successful organizations.
  • HR Platform Interoperability – How can organizations marry information from disparate HR and business systems – without ripping and replacing what they already have– to deliver a comprehensive system of record?
  • UX – How important is User Experience (UX) in HR?

Mark your calendar for what is sure to be the Most Interesting Interview in HR and visit for more information.

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