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Make the Case for Your Trip to TotalConnection

If you read my last blog post, you’ve heard me rave about how life changing it will be to attend TotalConnection 2014. But do you find yourself wondering how best to pitch the idea to your boss?

We know there is a lot to gain from attending this three-day event. From opportunities to hear from industry experts and get more details around the product roadmap, to networking with peers and thought leaders, TotalConnection promises to be one of the most important HR events this year. (Plus, did I mention it was in Miami?)SumTotal TotalConnection Blog

Despite those benefits, sometimes it’s hard to get your manager on board. We’ve all been there.

To get you one step closer to hearing “pack your bags,” I’ve put together some highlights for you to share to get your supervisor’s approval.

Top 7 reasons to attend TotalConnection 2014

You get to…

  1. Attend keynotes and breakout sessions led by industry experts and peers covering the latest trends in HR technology and what they mean to you.
  2. Give your organization a stronger voice by speaking directly with SumTotal experts and executives to discuss victories and challenges and provide direct feedback to shape SumTotal’s product development.
  3. Hear fresh, new ideas from you peers that will help you refine and streamline current processes and discover innovative, proven approaches that your organization can adopt.
  4. Take advantage of networking opportunities that will provide you (and your organization) with new contacts and references.
  5. Broaden your horizons by connecting and mingling with an estimated 700 other customers and partners.
  6. Bring your colleagues and save some cash! For increased benefit and savings, your organization can send multiple representatives to bring even more back to the office. We offer group rates for four or more attendees or a special companion rate of $250, which covers attendance to the conference breakfast and lunches, Monday’s Welcome Reception and Wednesday’s Customer Appreciation event.
  7. Go to Miami! Everyone deserves some sunshine. There are a lot of fun things to do in Miami (when you’re not attending the TotalConnection events, of course!). Make the most of your TotalConnection journey and spend some time in Miami.

Still grappling with how to ask your supervisor?  I’ve made it even easier. Simply download the “Make the Case for your trip to TotalConnection 2014” email template for customers or for prospective customers.

Once you get the go ahead, be sure to register so you can stay up-to-date on event announcements. Sign up before April 1 to capture your discounted rate!

I look forward to seeing you in Miami!



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