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#HRBuzz: Best blogs from June

The end of the month is upon us once again and before you head off to to barbeques, block parties and family gatherings this week, check out a few of our favorite blog posts from June.

Why you hate work – A recent New York Times article on employee engagement and productivity titled, “Why You Hate Work,” started widespread discussion in the blogging community. One of our favorite posts is from China Gorman on TLNT and focuses on the core of what employees need to stay productive and happy.

A focus on transformation at SHRM – If you missed the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference or are looking for a recap, you can find multiple posts about the event on the SHRM “We Know Next” blog. Jennifer Payne wrote a particularly nice overview of the entire event  and the underlying message of transformation and what it means for the future of HR.

What would you be willing to do for your dream job? Steve Boese poses that question in a blog focused on one of the most hated aspects of the work week…commuting. How long of a commute is too long and what factors need to be in place to make a 250 mile trip to the office worth it?

In business, time is a valuable resource – Over on Business Insider, a discussion was posted on “How One Weekly Meeting Can Lose a Company 300,000 Hours a Year.” The post touches on the far-reaching effects of one weekly executive meeting and offers tips for increasing revenue per employee by cutting out unproductive meetings that are wasting valuable time.

HR systems integration made easy Our blogger, Stacy Sakellariou, took on the misconception that integrating your HR systems is a painful and time consuming process with the blog post “HR Integration Strategy: It is worth it?” Take a peek at the post and check out the free “5 Steps to a Successful HR Integration Strategy” guide!

Send us your favorite posts – We would love to hear about all of the blogs and articles that you come across in July. Leave a comment below or send @SumTotalSystems or @emilymarcovich a tweet, then stop back at the end of the month to see if your pick made the cut!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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