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5 Tips to Weather-proof Your Organization

The arrival of Hurricane Arthur over the holiday weekend was a quick reminder of what it’s like to be underprepared. Whether it is a warm summer rain or an enormous hurricane, being caught off guard by a storm in your professional or personal life is always surprising.

Organizations are often blindsided by change, and one of the biggest culprits is compliance. Many organizations would spiral out of control in the event of an audit. In fact, 68% of organizations admit they were caught off guard by a compliance surprise.¹

umbrellaWe live in a world of rapidly changing global government regulations. To keep up with the pace of constant change, organizations need to stop being reactive and start being proactive.What size hurricane would descend upon your organization if you were audited today? If your answer is between a category 3-5, it’s time for you to buckle down and weather-proof your organization.

Here are 5 proactive tips to weather-proof your organization now:

  1. Constantly understand where you are and where you want go: One of the biggest hurdles is taking inventory on the current state of the business. Understanding the gaps in people, processes and technologies is the first step to achieving compliance, but don’t stop there. Continue to reevaluate how systems and procedures are performing, look for areas of improvement and implement change based on those findings. Understanding your business is a constant cycle.  
  2. Establish consistent policies and processes:  A top-down, bottom-up approach to communication is essential when implementing a compliance solution. Always make sure your people fully understand the policies and procedures that exist and why they are in place. It’s nearly impossible to get people onboard without constant communication.  
  3. Select a scalable training tool: To proactively prepare for and manage change, you need a robust compliance solution that allows you to manage training and certifications, conduct audit trails, and automate and enforce policies. Implementing a learning management system might sound daunting, but it isn’t. After implementing a learning management system, Fallon Health was able to realize 100% compliance training in 6 weeks.  
  4. Involve your people: The key to successful compliance training is to get your people involved. Get rid of the boring box-checking training sessions and make it fun. Show them what’s in it for them. If you’re looking for tips on how to engage your employees, I suggest you check out our recent webinar, Is Your Organization Compliance Ready?
  5. Share your success: We often forget to give credit where credit is due. Individual employees are a big factor in achieving compliance. Make it a priority to show your people how they contributed to your organizational success. It will make them feel valued and motivated.

Still wondering how to be proactive rather than reactive? To get you audit-ready, SumTotal has packaged together a Compliance Toolkit complete with compelling case studies and informative whitepapers and webinars.

Download your toolkit today and tackle compliance proactively.


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¹Source: Beasley, Branson, and Hancock




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