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Social and Recruiting Apps that Really Work

Business apps, gadgets and tools are in no short supply. We are constantly bombarded with the newest trend, trick or tool to make us more social, productive, organized and efficient.

From hoax apps like Yo (which texts “Yo!” to communicate to your contacts), to document sharing apps like Google Docs and DropBox that we can’t live without – there are a lot of resources at your disposal.

Apps are designed to make your lives easier, but sometimes they don’t deliver on their promise.

So, to narrow down your must-have shortlist and tell you what really works, we sat down with the folks over at Fistful of Talent to see what they had to say about their favorite social, business and, of course, recruiting apps.

If you’re trying to step up your social game, Feedly and Buffer will help expand your social footprint without the extra time spent. Users can browse content in Feedly and with a click of a button synch and schedule it to go out on various social platforms. In 5 minutes you can generate all of your social content for the day. (skip to video clip) 

If you’re trying to get organized, Evernote will help you keep track of ideas, meeting notes and research. You can capture images and bookmark websites, and tag and organize those files in specific folders that you can reference in the future. (skip to video clip)

If you’re trying to find the perfect candidate, Connectifier, 360 Social and Vibe will give you a person’s email address and allow you to see a their digital footprint. The digital footprint gives you a clear picture of people’s skills, interests and personalities that may not be listed on their LinkedIn profile. (skip to video clip) 

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