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#HRBuzz: Our Top Picks for September

Once again it is time to wrap up our favorite HR blogs from the month of September. So, take a break from your day, grab a pumpkin spice latte (like the one I am drinking right now) and check out our top picks that you may have missed.

Not everyone wants to be a manager, and that’s okay – Career Builder released the results of a new survey finding that the majority of workers do not aspire to take on leadership roles. Check out the survey recap and then read Josh Bersin’s post on why this could actually be good news.Four Coffees Computer

Is your candidate truly passionate about the job? – On the Fistful of Talent blog, Kris Dunn’s post, “4 Ways I Tell if Someone I’m Interviewing Has Passion About the Job,” covered the ways that you can tell if a candidate is truly passionate about the position and how to know the difference between passion and enthusiasm.

Customer experience as THE key differentiator – Our blogger, Meg Temple, discussed how learning can help to improve the customer experience in her post on the HCI blog, “Don’t You Want My Money?” Take a peek at the post and then check out the Superior Customer Experience Through Learning ebook to learn more!

Does “positive brainwashing” exist? – After reading Paul Hebert’s post on the Symbolist blog, the answer might be yes. Check out the post on “Brainwashing Employees For Engagement” and the six elements of influence you should use when communicating your company culture to employees.

Start the day right and own it – Over on Fast Company, a discussion was posted on “How To Do More In Your First Hour of Work Than Most People Do All Day.” The post touches on six tips for matching your most important tasks to your most productive time of the day.

Why understanding employee needs is a “must-have” – Richard Barrett, discussed how one of the most important tasks in creating a high-performance culture is taking care of employee needs in his post on TLNT, “Understanding Employee Needs: Key to Creating a Highly Motivated Workforce.”

Changing the face of HR – Here on the SumTotal Systems blog, Tena Lyons examined three ways to stay on the forefront of the next HR transformation with her “Changing the Face of HR” post. And, if you want to hear more on the topic, be sure to visit us this week at HR Tech in Vegas! Swing by the SumTotal booth #1511 and the Skillsoft booth #2457 at the show.

We would love to hear about all of your favorite blogs and articles. Leave a comment below or send @SumTotalSystems or @emilymarcovich a tweet, then stop back at the end of the month to see if your pick made the cut!



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