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What it Means to Provide Value in HCM Technology

This year’s HCM Technology Value Matrix, an annual report issued by Nucleus Research, really puts technology vendors to the test. The field is crowded with HCM solutions, so many organizations considering new solutions save time when Nucleus does the legwork to determine which providers offer the best functionality. Several providers named in past reports have been eliminated, as they have chosen to focus on talent management, rather than developing a full HCM suite.

SumTotal Recognized in Nucleus Research Report

The analysts’ findings: “Most leaders in this year’s HCM Value Matrix continue to improve in offering HCM solutions that are legitimately end-to-end, enabling employers to practice HCM as an interconnected discipline.” This interconnection allows HR and business leaders to take advantage of powerful analytics that can deliver actionable insight into workforce trends—and the overall business.

We’re proud that SumTotal entered the leader quadrant in this year’s report: “SumTotal has rebuilt the user experience through close collaboration with customers and extensive usability testing…Nucleus believes the planned Q4 2016 development will help move the vendor’s placement farther upward and to the right.” The report states that our performance management and learning capabilities reflect the trends Nucleus has identified as crucial in delivering value to the business.

To us, providing value is more than an ROI number. While we can certainly quantify metrics such as employee retention, satisfaction, productivity, time to proficiency and mobility within the organization, there are other ways we hope to add value to our customers that are less easily measured. We hope to add value as a trusted partner—one clients turn to for guidance on how to move up the learning and talent management maturity ladder.

Learn more about some of the ways we provide value to our clients. Download your copy of the report here and stay tuned for more information on our next release!


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