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How to Use HCM Tools to Improve the Hiring Process


  • 65% of recruiters claim talent shortage is the biggest challenge in hiring.
  • 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers felt the 2016 labor market was candidate-driven.

As suppliers of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, alone these two statistics are enough to warrant attention. But as anyone working in Talent Management or Recruitment will tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Companies are facing enormous challenges, everything from skill shortages, unrealistic remuneration expectations to competition for top talent all of which is contributing to the very real problem that is hiring today.

Plus despite efforts made to streamline the hiring process, all too often we hear employees detailing the difficulties faced when applying for a job. Invariably we see a huge disconnect between the employer’s perspective of the process and the employees. The majority of whom report having a poor experience

However, April of 2016 saw an all-time record high of 5.85 million job openings, the highest since The Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting data, demonstrating that irrespective of the hardship faced, companies are hiring and in large numbers.

This translates to an increased workload for those in HCM, workloads that could benefit from advances and improvements to recruitment software.

Which is why when it came to deciding what enhancements to our Talent Suite would best suit our clients, it really was quite simple.

We needed to look to ways to improve, to streamline the hiring process- for both employer and employee, or more accurately, prospective employee.

We began by adding some new features to simplify how organizations can engage and attract top talent, with a focus toward ensuring a modern, consumer-driven candidate experience, available on a rich and smartphone-responsive external candidate site that would match and recommend jobs that reflect the career path of a candidate, as well as offering capabilities that promote company culture.

Additionally, we sought to offer an interactive, candidate profile portal that will show any progress in the candidate journey, thereby demonstrating a transparent hiring process which in turn will contribute towards maximizing candidate outreach and engagement.

Apart from the enriched candidate experience, there was also a conscious push to enhance the recruiter and hiring manager experience. To that end we have streamlined the requisition management and candidate management solutions with modern one-stop actionable and an intuitive candidate dashboard, equipping it with modern interview scheduling, tracking, assessment and management tools.

This data-driven approach to recruitment provides useful insight, optimization recommendations to effectively eliminate the bottlenecks in the hiring process and improves the overall business metric needed to attract and retain top talent.

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