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Active Shooter Training – Now Free to All to Help Save Lives


This is hard to write.

On Valentine’s Day I was watching the news in my hotel room after a very successful Sales Kick Off in Atlanta and watched with horror as the tragedy in Parkland, Florida unfolded.  As a company, we had been planning a marketing campaign with respect to our new active shooter course, so I contacted our team and we put a hold on our plans and started thinking about how we could help.

We wanted to do something, but it’s hard to know the right thing to do in the moment.

It’s hard because families are shattered.    Hard because as a parent I cannot conceive of the unimaginable pain the parents of the people killed are experiencing.  Hard because the frequency of these tragedies is making us numb (this is the second time we have pulled an active shooter campaign because of an actual shooting).  Hard because as an organization, any effort or sentiment expressed might be misconstrued as opportunistic, self-serving, exploitative or in bad taste.

Nonetheless, like many others, we want to help – and doing nothing is not an option.

We can no longer offer our condolences and little else.

We can no longer feel powerless.

As I watch the young women and men of Parkland take the initiative and take a stand and be heard, I am in awe of their courage, their bravery.

I think change is on its way.  In the meantime, I believe we at Skillsoft can help, and like all good corporate citizens, we have a responsibility to do something.  To contribute in some way to ensure the safety of our children, of our employees, of everyone, by making available the knowledge we have regarding how best to protect, respond and react in this kind of unthinkable situation.

This is why we have decided to make our Active Shooter training free to all – every school, workplace, and organization across the globe.

You can watch the course here, and refer to the additional resources – infographic, webinar and assessments on this page, which we think can help save lives.  We think everyone can benefit from the knowledge we are sharing, so please feel free to make others aware.

I saw a sign from the walk-out on 15 March that a student wrote that said it best, “One death is one too many.”  We hope everyone feels the same.



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