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4 HCM Deployment Options That Provide Flexibility of Choice

4 HCM Deployment Options That Provide Flexibility of Choice

How companies deploy their Human Capital Management (HCM) and business systems are now subject to greater scrutiny due to rising employee demands and expectations. No longer is it sufficient for solution providers to only offer a single deployment model to customers. It is now essential that companies can select from a range of deployment options to choose the best fit and meet their unique requirements.

SumTotal is one of the only solution providers that offer organizations a choice of deployment options – Software as a Service (SaaS), Private Cloud or On-Premise in the customer’s data center. We are now offering a fourth option – SaaS EXT. This new deployment model is similar to SaaS but gives customers the added benefit of an extended testing period and fewer changes for their end users while still being on the current release.

No other vendor offers this flexibility, thus enabling customers to select the model that works best for them rather than the vendor. Furthermore, regardless of which hosting model you choose, there is no difference in the software. Unlike many vendors in this market who offer one product for SaaS and a different product for On-Premise or Private Cloud, SumTotal’s deployment models use the same product and code base. Again the differentiation for our customers is that they don’t have to sacrifice functionality or flexibility based on their preferred deployment model.


With this deployment model, customers are always on the latest release of our solution giving customers immediate access to all new updates and patches. Unlike some SaaS models, all customer databases are dedicated to their use, ensuring the highest level of security. The SaaS option is ideally suited to customers who always want to be on the latest version and take advantage of the latest enhancements and new features. Our SaaS offering is designed for customers of all sizes, from SMB to Fortune 100, and delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


We designed this deployment model for customers who want to be current but require longer testing cycles than traditionally are available in a SaaS model. Otherwise, SaaS EXT offers similar advantages to traditional SaaS. For upgrades and patches, customers receive more notice and an extended testing period. SaaS EXT is an excellent choice for customers in regulated industries who require more detailed testing and/or validation time and who want to reduce the number of changes for their end users while still being on a current release. SaaS EXT offers customers a middle ground between SaaS and Private Cloud deployment models.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is your traditional hosting subscription model that provides customers with control over the timing of upgrades. To minimize disruption, cost and customer effort, this model accommodates at least one major upgrade per year. This model is best suited to customers who require the maximum possible control from a vendor-hosted option.


On-premise is a self-hosted deployment model that gives customers the broadest level of control as the application is deployed in the customer’s data center and is completely managed and controlled by the customer’s IT staff. The on-premise model best suits organizations that demand complete control over their HCM and business applications in their own data centers managed by their IT staff.

Another unique attribute of our deployment models is that as a customer’s business needs and requirements change, their deployment model can change with the organization. For example, the organization may currently want to manage all HCM and business applications in their data center. But fast forward two years, priorities may change, and the customer may decide that they want to move to a vendor-hosted model. SumTotal has this scenario covered as we can easily migrate customers from one model to another as their business needs change and evolve. There is no rip and replace with a different product or version like many other vendors in this market. Instead, we seamlessly move each customer to their new preferred model.

Our choice of four deployment options is just further proof that SumTotal is cognizant of the many challenges organizations face from the constant barrage of legislative, reporting requirements and compliance regulations.

To discuss which model is right for you, please contact SumTotal.

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