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Dawn is the Vice President of Global Talent Managment at SumTotal Systems. Her responsibilities include readying SumTotal customers, partners and employees to develop powerful talent expansion solutions using SumTotal applications.

Welcome to Office Hours Classes– Find Answers to All Your SumTotal Questions

Skillsoft_800x450_OfficeHoursHave you ever looked at your computer screen and wondered “How? How do I generate that report? Use that feature? What is that feature? Why isn’t it responding like I thought it would?”


I have. Countless times.

It’s frustrating and sometimes stressful, especially if a manager is asking for data I know I can produce, if only I knew how. Conversations with customers made me realize that we all – at some time or another – have asked these questions. So we asked customers what we could do to address similar issues involving SumTotal products. After all, we want to make sure you enjoy the maximum benefits of our tools and solutions, and if a lack of knowledge or know-how is preventing this, then it’s up to us to fix that.

Out of this shared goal, Office Hours was born.

So what is Office Hours other than the usual 9-5? They are all-new classes for administrators, designed by SumTotal customers for SumTotal customers. These deep dives into SumTotal products will increase your product knowledge, help you solve business problems, give you troubleshooting tips and tricks, and most importantly, teach you the best practices for many features.

SumTotal expert consultants, product managers, and support engineers lead all the classes. These are people who know our products and their capabilities intimately and will provide you with the best advice possible. Each class covers a specific topic, and you can add your ideas when you register.

Classes are divided into 3 parts, and we cover 2-3 topics each month.

1. Presentation:

During the presentation, we’ll demonstrate the feature, teach you how to use it to solve 1-2 business problems, discuss best practices, and show you the benefits of the feature. This portion of the presentation is recorded, so you can listen to the class whenever or as often as you like. You could even share it with colleagues.

2. Hands-on Exercise:

After class, we’ll distribute a Hands-on Exercise. For the next two weeks, you can practice what you’ve learned using the exercise in your stage environment.

3. Q&A:

Two weeks later, we’ll hold a Question and Answer session. There, we’ll try to answer all your questions. Sometimes this takes the format of an open exchange of ideas, best practices and questions; other times we’ll use your site to troubleshoot your specific questions.

All sessions and the follow-up Q&A are recorded and published in the advanced training sections of Connect.


Joining Office Hours is easy. Visit SumTotal Connect for our calendar and registration links. We’ve already had several classes, which you can access on Connect to get a taste of what we are offering.