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Derek Blake

How Systematizing Career Development is Giving PSAV a Competitive Edge

PSAV is a two-billion-dollar events technology company with more than 10,000 employees dispersed over 1,500 global locations. We are the people working behind the scenes helping more than 1,000 meeting planners and event organizers ensure all things video, audio and other technology run smoothly and on-time.

Our employees value career development opportunities, but too often our informal, unstructured process meant a brief conversation during a performance review, or if there is an excellent manager, a team conversation about career paths.

My CHRO challenged me to change this aspect of our corporate culture and build a comprehensive and disciplined career development process that engages team members and leads to a reduction in turnover, improved culture and engagement. To begin the process, we researched our employees to establish their current career development opportunities and how best to align future learning to skill requirements or competencies.

Once we had this information, we then focused on implementation. The sheer size and scope of our business means training and providing team members with a cohesive and structured career plan is a challenge. We addressed this challenge and systematized members’ career development by deploying our first enterprise learning management system, from SumTotal, along with Skillsoft’s multimodal and microlearning content as well as PSAV’s custom content.

To assist team members as they determine their desired career trajectories, we created 38 common competencies that align with corresponding role-based development programs. We use SumTotal Learning Management to deliver about 300 courses comprised of Skillsoft’s Business Skills, Productivity and Collaboration Tools, IT Skills content as well as and Safety and Legal Compliance training. The solution enables our team members to plan and develop their skills for mastering their current role. It also allows team members to look for other jobs within the company and map their learning to ensure their skill sets are a match for the new position.

Since we are a SumTotal SaaS customer, we undergo three major updates a year. This allows us to be at least one step ahead, ensuring that we continue to grow and evolve our program in lockstep with SumTotal’s technology.

Moving to one enterprise-wide learning management system has produced some pretty fantastic learning outcomes. We’ve transitioned from relying heavily on Instructor-led-Training (ILT) for our training (98 percent) to creating a blend between ILT (60 percent) and eLearning (40 percent). We’ve also tripled the number of learning hours competed across the entire company while delivering 190,000 learning hours in 2017. In addition, we increased the average learning time per team member from eight to 26 hours. All of these results make me very proud as we achieved our objective of increasing team members’ competency and confidence through a structured and directed approach.

The future looks bright at PSAV. We’ve gone from a very loose and unstructured career development system to one that now drives career planning discussions, is empowering our global workforce and giving us a substantial competitive advantage.

To learn more about how PSAV worked with Skillsoft and SumTotal to systematize career development, please read the PSAV case study.