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Kelley Noblet

Kelley is the Marketing Manager at Skillsoft. She manages the strategy and logistics for demand generation campaigns at Skillsoft. She also creates, edits and proofreads marketing materials for brand recognition, demand generation and field enablement. She enjoys long walks on the beach (really!), snowboarding, food and reading.

Is Your Workforce Digital Business Ready?

A competency-based talent management tool can help organizations prepare their employees

Digital business has the potential to change and disrupt our current business models and generate revenue streams that did not exist before.

According to Gartner, “about 71% of CIOs and IT leaders expect digital business expertise and knowledge to transpire outside of IT by 2015 and 2016, including 43% who see as it as an enterprise-wide competency.”icon_UersAndUXActions_rgb

What does that mean for your organization? To stay competitive, organizations need to prepare and invest in their talent so they have the skillsets necessary to support this business paradigm.  HR leaders need to evaluate all business area (including IT) to identify strengths and gaps. A competency-based talent management tool can help these leaders manage these needs and prepare their employees to address the digital business.

View new Gartner research, Creating Your Digital Edge Through a Competency-Based Talent System, to get recommendations on renewing your talent strategy and how to create programs to nurture and develop core workforce competencies. Download the Gartner research.




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