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Martin Morris

Martin has been Payroll Manager at Gwynedd Council since 2012 having worked at all levels of local government payroll over the previous 21 years.

How to handle a large, dispersed workforce and ever changing government pay regulations


Change is good, but let’s face it, change brings disruption.

And when it is government rules and regulations that are changing, such disruption can significantly impact HR operations. Now on top of everything else, HR must figure out how best to handle this new development, while simultaneously continuing to provide all the other myriad of services without any glitches.

Now imagine that the change encompasses not only how you report the annual income of all employees, but also impacts retirement pensions. And for a staff that already presents challenges given their dispersion across multiple departments, each with their own separate processes and systems.

This is the rather unenviable position we at Gwynedd Council found ourselves in. We needed to figure out a way to incorporate all these new regulations, yet with a process that was also agile and could, in time, adapt should any further changes occur.

To solve this dilemma, we turned to SumTotal’s configurable payroll solution which allowed us to streamline data and bring together multiple payments in an efficient and less time-consuming manner. What further helped is that the new solution also facilitates greater opportunities for reporting analysis, which was hugely relevant given the new regulations around Real Time Information (RTI).

To streamline the process even more, we integrated auto-enrollment in the workforce pension into the system, which made us compliant with all the new changes, without, and this was important, additional workload.

In short, now we are not only in compliance with all the new government regulations, we have eliminated paperwork and labour intensive procedures for processing payments, can now give payroll managers a comprehensive overview of their entire staff for better budget planning and finally, and significantly, can strategically plan for future changes in government rules and regulations.

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