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Michael Rochelle

Michael is a principal and Chief Strategy Officer of Brandon Hall Group and along with his corporate responsibilities oversees consulting, strategic services and advisory support for the firm’s members. Michael is also one of the firm’s principal analysts covering learning, talent, sales and marketing and executive management. In his role at Brandon Hall Group, Michael has led strategic engagements for large organizations including Emerson, Intel, Land O Lakes, PGA, Adobe and Citrix as well as a variety of small to medium size companies. Michael has also worked with many of the leading solution providers covering the learning, talent, sales and marketing sectors providing business advisory services.

Human Resources is the New Epicenter of Digital Transformation and Technological Advancement

Human Resources (HR) is the New Epicenter of Digital Transformation and Technological Advancement

Today we have a guest blogger, Michael Rochelle the Chief Strategy Officer and a Principal HCM Analyst for the Brandon Hall Group.

Human Resources teams are not fully leveraging technology, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their organizations.

Consider the following Brandon Hall Group research:

  • Less than 10% of organizations can use data and technology to create “what-if” predictive planning.
  • Less than one-third of companies plan modest or significant investments in data analytics or technology selection in 2019.
  • In an age where continuous learning is essential to drive new skills and behaviors, fewer than half of companies effectively link learning to performance.
  • Two out of three organizations can’t prove their leadership programs significantly impact business objectives. Of those, 71% say they don’t have the data and analytics to demonstrate the impact.

Stemming the tide of challenges

Using AI, predictive analytics and other elements of data science, organizations can implement new ways to find and retain the best talent.  Here are just a few examples of how these tools can address many of the challenges HR currently faces:

  • AI can improve recruitment processes by leveraging automation to more efficiently and effectively build better candidate relationships and develop more impactful hiring and retention strategies.
  • Organizations must embrace a “learner experience” mindset which means learning must be engaging and attractive to the learner. Organizations need to leverage advanced technological platforms to analyze learner outcomes and automatically guide employees through a highly interactive learning journey to accomplish this.
  • To identify the right leaders and properly construct their development path, it is critical that leadership development programs now incorporate highly sophisticated self-assessment platforms and other cutting-edge analytical tools.
  • Organizations are becoming highly diverse. Technology, data and analytics are essential to fundamentally reshape how we think about diversity and inclusion, and help us to identify unconscious bias and remove it from the workplace.
  • By leveraging people analytics powered by AI, talent leaders can create a prospective view that directs how, where and when talent must evolve to meet future business needs. Talent development must be re-imagined to balance data and emotional intelligence to make critical workforce decisions.

Organizations are facing talent challenges more complicated than ever. However, with the advances in technology, the ability to solve these challenges is more powerful than ever before.  Organizations and HR professionals must push themselves to evolve with the times and embrace the new digital era of transformation and technological advancement.