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Sarah White

Sarah White is the founder of Accelir, a strategic consulting firm focused on talent & employee lifecycle. She works with organizations looking to accelerate growth or improve through innovative recruitment, talent management, technology and market strategies. Over the last few years they have worked with companies from startup to global enterprise and spoke all around the world on hiring, retaining and marketing to top talent. Prior to launching her firm, she served as principal analyst at Bersin & Associates (now Bersin by Deloitte), CSO at HRMDirect (now Clear Co.) as well as leadership roles in corporate talent acquisition. She sits on the council for Candidate Experience Awards and is founder of and co-founder of

Mobile Learning & the Future Workforce: It is Closer Than You Think

By now, we are all well aware of the impact mobile technology has had on society. Whether it’s iPhones or tablets or the rising use of social media hashtags in marketing; the influence mobile has had on our daily lives can be seen in every direction. According to Cisco, as of end of 2013, there are more mobile devices on the earth than people.

One of the areas in society most affected by mobile technology has been education. (more…)