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Tena Lyons

Tena Lyons is Vice President of Product Marketing at SumTotal. She’s spent the majority of her career helping organizations and professionals connect with the right technology to achieve goals and transform their business. She is a frequent author and presenter on practices for engaging and developing people to help organizations optimize performance through their talent investment, and is fortunate enough to meet frequently with SumTotal customers and leading HR industry analysts and thought leaders. When not working, Tena can be found with her family and their myriad of pets (including chickens!), dreaming of squeezing in a yoga class between carpool runs to dance, hockey or robotics.

Share Your Talent Success Story at 2017 Perspectives

Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with several SumTotal customers to showcase the great work they’re doing. Just last week the University of California’s Donna Salvo and I presented a webinar for HCI highlighting the ways the University system arms managers to effectively engage and develop their employees, and right before the holidays Scott Farley from Joy Global and I discussed how to architect a strong diversity and inclusion strategy on a webinar for SHRM.

I know that there are countless other stories like these among our customers. We’re looking for HR and talent professionals who are transforming the business to share their stories at 2017 Perspectives—if you’ve got a program you’re proud of, let others learn from your experience! We’re looking for speakers for 2017 Perspectives, which will take place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas April 11-13, 2017. Submit your proposal by January 31 to be considered for a speaking slot.

Another way to showcase your outstanding accomplishments is to apply for an Innovation Award. These awards recognize organizations and talent professionals who are truly driving our industry forward—since the awards were established almost a decade ago, they’ve celebrated distinguished organizations such as the United States Air Force, Capgemini, Fallon Health, TELUS International and the University of California for their remarkable achievements in learning and talent development.

Applying for one of these awards is a great way to earn recognition for your success—in addition to demonstrating leadership in our industry, winning an Innovation Award can help you build your employer brand through visibility into your organization’s efforts to empower your people.

A panel of judges including analysts, journalists, industry experts and Skillsoft and SumTotal staff evaluate nominations and choose the award recipients. In the past, judges have come from IDC, Bersin by Deloitte, Brandon Hall Group, the Center for Talent Reporting, Human Capital Media, Elearning! Magazine, and Training Industry. We really want to hear about all the amazing, innovative work you‘re doing—and spread the word! I hope you’ll take advantage of these opportunities to share your stories.

Apply for an Innovation Award or submit your session proposal by January 31.

How to Get ‘Em, Keep ‘Em and Lead ‘Em

A three step guide to boosting employee engagement with SumTotal’s latest Talent Expansion® Suite Release

It has become increasingly obvious that HR must put people, their people, at the core of all their practices. The numbers are in and it is people initiatives that are transforming business performance; if you want your organization to achieve its goals you must put employee experience front and center and equip staff to meet the changing demands of the modern workplace.

How do you do this?

With three easy steps.

Step 1: Create a strategic onboarding experience

As organizations, we do so much to engage candidates and convey our culture and brand, but then often fail to deliver on the promises made during talent acquisition. A 2016 Brandon Hall Group onboarding study illustrates the impact structured, strategic onboarding can have on your business. Results ranged from improved employee engagement (+15%), increased customer satisfaction (+12%) to higher customer retention rates (+18%).  Plus, having an onboarding program itself substantially increases the likelihood that an employee will stay – which given both the cost of the hiring process and the current skill shortage is reason enough and should remove any lingering concerns about the validity or necessity of said programs.

The all new SumTotal Onboarding solution was designed to engage employees in the culture of the organization, while helping them connect with peers and speed time to productivity. By unifying critical talent, learning and HR tasks in one simple place we’ve removed the guesswork for employees, and moved onboarding beyond processes and paperwork.  People have one simple view of their priorities and progress, with one actionable view of their onboarding plan that connects them seamlessly to recommended learning, goals and mentors.

SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite 

Step 2: Deliver visibility and tools for career mobility

Once new employees are onboarded and productive, the next challenge is to connect them to opportunities to continue to grow – a proven factor in driving engagement and retention. One thing organizations have come to realize is that almost 80% of employees will stay longer if they can see a career path within the organization.  However, with the dissolution of traditional career ladders, this is a challenge for HR to anticipate – so, SumTotal’s newest Talent Expansion Suite makes it easier than ever to empower employees to pursue and prepare for career mobility. Tools like Job Fit Analysis, Enterprise Search for Jobs, Learning Recommendations, and Unified Development Planning not only facilitate and allow each employee to explore desired roles within their organization, they ensure every individual can see exactly where they have gaps in their readiness, and connect them to the relevant learning they need for career progression.

SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite

Step 3: Equip managers to drive team success

Perhaps the final hurdle to overcome in improving the engagement dilemma is better supporting the role of the manager. Again, a recent Brandon Hall Group study showed that more than 30% of organizations believe the direct manager relationship is one of the top reasons individuals leave a job within the first year while other research by Towards Maturity has demonstrated the crucial role managers play in aiding continuous learning. Yet, all too often people who are appointed managers may lack the appropriate training and skills to successfully lead others. SumTotal’s new release arms managers with tools like My Team and a slideout Mini-Profile, giving visibility across their team’s strengths, gaps and priorities, and putting critical actions for each direct report only a click away.

SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite

Attracting the right talent into the organization, then equipping them for success and longevity remains a priority for HR. This puts an increasing pressure on HR, so we’re giving organizations tools to empower employees while remaining aligned to the demands of business. Additionally, the latest release of the SumTotal’s Talent Expansion Suite builds on the consumer-driven usability we delivered earlier in the year, enhancing our leading Extended Enterprise solution with stronger eCommerce capabilities, and an entirely new SumTotal Mobile app.

Read our latest release to learn more about how SumTotal empowers, equips and engages employees for success.


Engaging a Dispersed Workforce: 3 Tips for Managers

Managing people comes with a special—but for me, worthwhile—set of challenges. And managing remote employees adds another layer of complexity. But through my experience leading staff spread across different locations, I’ve learned a few tips for keeping people engaged and connected that I wanted to share with you.

SumTotal Managing a Dispersed Workforce

1. Make it about more than the job.

We know employees (especially top performers) are engaged and driven by work that gives them a sense of accomplishment and lets them feel like they’re contributing to the goals of the organization in a meaningful way.  As an effective manager, you should be able to check the box for every member of your team on this one.


But what about the other stuff – the work that is not a ‘perfect fit’ for their current skills or job descriptions? It takes a conscious effort to create continuous development opportunities for any employee, but with remote workers, this becomes a crucial way to keep them engaged. Make an effort to offer your staff stretch projects that grow some of their less-advanced skills and help them connect across the organization through collaboration with colleagues they don’t typically work with. But, you won’t know which projects interest them unless you…


2. Pick up the phone (or turn on the webcam).

This one seems like a no-brainer, but in today’s digital world people aren’t doing it! I once had a job where a welcome email announcing me went out to the team, I emailed with my new boss about projects and introductions, but she never set aside time for a real conversation until the end of my second week on the job – I went 10 days on the job without ever speaking to my new manager. In today’s hyper-connected world of emails, texts and instant messaging we’re actually interpersonally disconnected.


As a manager, you can’t keep a current pulse on your employee’s development interests unless you’re having regular real-life conversations – don’t rely on last year’s performance process to be your only guidepost for keeping them engaged. Quick check-ins might work in an office environment where you’ll connect with a team member in person when you’re filling up coffee or in an afternoon meeting.  As remote workers, we might think we’re staying connected with daily messaging chats but it just isn’t the same as personal conversation. With a dispersed team, you need to make an effort to create virtual ‘water cooler moments’ to keep your team engaged – whether this means picking up the phone, or turning on video during your next team meeting.


3. As the manager, step aside (sometimes).

With a dispersed team, I find opportunities to remove myself from a project and explicitly ask my team members to collaborate and serve as a sounding board for each other on projects where they wouldn’t naturally connect in that way. In the right instances, removing the hierarchical component can really boost a contributor’s ownership and engagement with the project.


With a lack of physical workspace boundaries, high-performing remote employees can be easily susceptible to ‘brownout’: putting their heads down and plowing through work at all hours of the day because work is accessible. Silently, their level of dissatisfaction climbs and engagement plummets despite their work product staying on track. Creating informal project networks within your dispersed team is a terrific way to keep them engaged, and the teamwork often spills over into other projects or discussions.


Get tips for managing and motivating remote employees from other HR leaders in this Peer Insight.


The Biggest HR Event of the Year is Almost Here

It’s HR Tech Eve! We’re making it easy (and fun) to connect with SumTotal at HR’s biggest event; this week’s HR Technology conference. You’ll find SumTotal team members all over the conference… attending and presenting sessions, conducting demos, and, of course, catching up with our customers! Take advantage of one of the following opportunities to connect.

SumTotal at HR Tech Conference 2016

Augmented Reality, Anyone?

We have a special experience waiting for you in the SumTotal booth! Stop by for a truly immersive, hands-on taste of augmented reality and you’ll immediately understand its potential for certain learning and development applications.

Innovation Demos on the Big Screen

Stop by during a break, we’ll be showcasing innovative solutions and unveiling all new products. Whether you’re looking for an integrated HCM system, talent, workforce management, a payroll solution or a new LMS, we can help.  

Informative Sessions and Panels

Check the Pocket Guide or online agenda for session dates and times.

TM5: American Cancer Society’s Journey to Becoming a Self-Developing Organization
Learn how the American Cancer Society has empowered employees and volunteers throughout the organization to pursue their own self-directed development paths, keeping them engaged and inspired.

TECH3: The Evolution and Future of HR Analytics and Technology
How can you harness the power of HR analytics to drive better decision-making? A panel of experts shares their insight on how you can get the most out of analytics now, as well as what comes next.

CS4: Getting the Most Value from the Vendor Demo:  The Experts Tell You How
Learn how to structure a demo session and the crucial questions to ask so your organization can truly make the best technology decision.


Connect with our Experts in the Booth

Stop by our booth (1222) to chat with a SumTotal expert or take a guided, personalized tour of the SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite.

Schedule a meeting with a SumTotal expert at the event.

Connect with us at CLO Symposium PLUS

Next week, I’ll be heading to Scottsdale, AZ for one of my favorite events of the year – CLO Symposium Plus.  If you’ve never attended a CLO event, it will be two days packed with great opportunities to hear from and connect with learning and talent leaders to hear about the new approaches they’re taking, the challenges that are evolving in the industry, and the trends that present opportunity.

SumTotal at CLO Symposium

We’re kicking things off bright and early Monday morning, with a networking breakfast hosted by SumTotal – don’t worry, there will be coffee. On Tuesday morning, I have the privilege of introducing one of the keynote speakers, Dr. Edward Hallowell, psychiatrist and best-selling author. He’ll be discussing “Connecting in a Disconnected World,” exploring how technology has increased availability while weakening social ties and interpersonal connections—the sorts of connections that are often a key to engaging employees.  And, as a parent to teenagers I can personally attest to the impact this phenomenon is having in our daily lives.

After that, my colleague Morne Swart and Terry Barton, Director of Systemwide Staff Development Programs at the University of California, will share insight on they’ve built and continue to evolve their integrated talent management strategy. UC has a truly remarkable story: they are the second-largest employer in California with over 200k employees across 18 locations, each run with a fair amount of autonomy and a decentralized organizational structure necessitating a fresh approach to talent management. Through this process, they were able to create a strategy that aligns the University’s people with organizational objectives, all the way from attracting and hiring the right people to developing and retaining the best people in their respective fields. They’ve integrated talent planning, acquisition, onboarding, performance management, learning and succession into an interconnected whole—with outstanding results.

If you’re going to be at the conference, please take the time to connect with me and my colleagues.  Join us at the networking breakfast Monday, and don’t forget to attend Tuesday’s session, “Building an Integrated Talent Management Strategy to Drive Alignment and Performance” or stop by booth #103 for a chat.  I’ll be tweeting throughout the event using #closym, tweet back or follow me @learntalentwork.

3 Great Reasons to Visit SumTotal at SHRM 2016

If you’re planning to attend the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition 2016 in Washington, D.C. next week, make sure to visit booth 709! Some of my SumTotal colleagues will be there and they’ve got all kinds of treats in store for HR pros who stop by to talk talent management:

SHRM Booth

1. A sweet surprise

Admit it; after a full day of sessions, you need something to get you going again. Reward and revitalize yourself with a snack that comes with a cool delivery experience—just like everything we serve up on our HCM platform.

2. A chance to win an Amazon gift card

We scan your badge, you get entered into a raffle for an Amazon gift card. It’s that easy. We’re serious about providing value to HR professionals, and the chance at a gift card is just the beginning. Once you’re part of our email list, you’ll get regular updates and insight on how to better engage your staff, implement modern workforce management practices and provide personalized development experiences for all your employees.

3. Demos of the SumTotal Talent Expansion ® Suite

Are you ready to grow capabilities, optimize performance and elevate your workforce? Learn how the SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite delivers robust talent, learning and workforce capabilities that make it simple to meet the holistic needs of your organization.

Brandon Hall Group recently recognized us for Best Advance in Integrated Talent Management Platform, praising the compelling yet simple user interface and “people-centric design.” If you’re attending SHRM, we’d love to show you first-hand a few of the areas recognized in this award. For example, how to:

  • Unify skills and competency development needs with relevant learning opportunities
  • Equip your people with tools for career progression
  • Embed meaningful learning and content throughout development actions
  • Create visibility across your workforce with robust reporting capabilities

Come get to know the new SumTotal—we’re looking forward to meeting you in D.C. next week!

Can’t go to the show but still want to learn more about the SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite? Request a demo.

On the Road to the Self-Developing Organization

We’re packing our bags and going on a road trip! SumTotal is coming to a location near you as part of a six-city tour across the United States and Canada to share the story of the Self-Developing Organization with HR and learning professionals. And we want to meet you. So take a break, step out of the office and join us. Come connect with peers and learn some new ways to approach your company’s talent and learning strategy.

SumTotal Summer Road Show

I know it’s hard to justify packing another event into your busy schedule, but this new approach might make your job a whole lot easier. We have made it simpler than ever for your organization to succeed by optimizing the capabilities of your people. Each event includes a complimentary breakfast or dinner, (yeah free food) and a discussion where SumTotal executives, thought leaders, customers and partners share  best practices for engaging and empowering employees with a self-directed path for individualized development. A path that includes career mobility and continuous learning—two major factors in getting your staff to stay with the company.

SumTotal Road Show Presentation

“We know that opportunities for development and mobility within an organization are two of the biggest drivers of employee engagement and the retention of key talent, which are proven to be critical to optimizing performance, productivity and profitability,” said John Ambrose, SumTotal General Manager. “We work with a majority of America’s Best Employers and we look forward to meeting with companies across the country to share how this technology-enabled approach makes it possible for every organization to be a terrific place to work.”

We’ll also be hosting live demos of the latest release of the SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite, highlighting how this industry-leading innovation enables your business to become a Self-Developing Organization.

You’ll learn about:

  • Personalized Learning Recommendations: SumTotal’s intelligent algorithm considers each individual’s unique career aspirations, topical interests and other factors to serve up learning content and activities where they will have the greatest impact on development and career progression.
  • Enterprise Search: Groundbreaking search capabilities bring the consumer experience to the workplace by connecting people to courses, videos, learning activities, colleagues, and administrative functions from a single search box accessible from anywhere in the suite, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for and eliminate frustration.
  • Configurable, Role-Based Dashboards: Unparalleled personalization capabilities give each person the ability to build their own profile page; a page just for, and all about, them.
  • Continuous Performance Feedback: It’s easy for employees to request, give and review comments and coaching on specific competencies, goals or projects and tie them to the performance review.

Our Seminar Series kicked off in Denver, Colorado during the ATD Conference, then we headed over to San Francisco. Next stops include:

Dallas, TX on Tuesday, June 28 | 7:30-10 AM

New York City on Wednesday, June 29 | 6-8:30 PM

Toronto, ON on Tuesday, July 12| 8-10:30 AM

Washington DC on Wednesday, July 13 | 5:30-8 PM

Space at each event is limited, so if you are a HR or learning professional who wants to learn how self-developing organizations transform their talent strategies to deliver business impact, reach out to your account manager, or contact me to reserve a space. Hope to see you soon!

SumTotal's Denver Road Show

Training and Performance Reviews Aren’t Enough: Why an Integrated Approach to Development is More Critical than Ever

As an HR or learning professional, you’re faced with catering to the needs of a workforce that is more diverse than ever before.  While diversity and inclusion are proven to bring tremendous benefits to building effective business strategy, delivering an exceptional customer experience and driving real innovation it presents a mounting challenge when it comes to understanding, motivating and rewarding people in meaningful ways. 

No doubt, millennials and their growing presence in the workforce are discussed all around us. According to U.S. Census data, in 2015 millenials became the largest share of the workforce. [1]

But, this also leaves a large population of the workforce who are NOT millennials, creating quite a conundrum for HR professionals.  Regardless of how many generations and perspectives you have across your workforce (and, hopefully it’s a lot) today’s fast-moving, app-happy millennials are reshaping the expectations we all have for work – ushering HR professionals and the broader workforce into a new way to work.

icon_UersAndUXActions_rgbLook at how unified our consumer applications have become.  From one place on my phone or tablet, I can post a picture to multiple social apps without ever opening any of them.  I can share and collaborate in new ways with those around me without ever opening email or text. In today’s new way of work, we should expect no less from our business applications. Long gone are the days of disparate, siloed applications – simply put, they’re ineffective, cumbersome and you will find yourself on the uphill climb of getting your users to adopt them.

This new way of work is perhaps most apparent in today’s approach to managing talent. Is it any wonder companies find themselves enforcing compliance when it comes to performance reviews and goal setting, or pushing learning adoption on their employees? Many of today’s solutions don’t connect the dots between these siloed processes – leaving a lot on the table. When learning is pushed, rigid and not aligned it brings very little value to your end user other than ‘checking a box’. The same can be said for a goal setting or performance process that leaves your users wondering ‘what do I do next?’ Now, imagine a world where the most relevant and personalized learning and content is delivered (before you ever ask for it) alongside critical talent processes – like goal setting and performance – where it can truly help each employees ‘move the needle’. And, like a number of fitness apps (you runners, I’m looking at you) I have anytime access to my progress and how my efforts are having an impact – or, even course correcting for a new goal or aspiration. This is the new way of work – for all generations.

Expect no less from your business applications than you do from your consumer applications. The line is fading and will soon be gone.  Here are just a few capabilities you should now expect as you look to today’s holistic talent solutions.

  1. Make it Seamless.  Don’t make me figure out what system to log into.  Let me simply take action from insight, tasks or alerts.  When my manager cascades down a team goal, don’t make me then log into the LMS and scour the catalog of courses and content for my best interpretation of what might prepare me to deliver on that goal – most likely, Will abandon the process altogether. You can choose to train, monitor and assess your people, or you can bring it all together and develop the overall capabilities of your workforce.
  2. Make it Personal. I won’t reach that goal in the same way as my other team members, because I bring a different set of existing skills, experiences and interests to the table.  Today’s approach to development recognizes this and is driving towards being increasingly individualized. However, HR and Learning professionals can’t do this alone – we need to leverage solutions to enable the delivery of personalized and prescriptive learning and development actions. I would find no value in apps like Pinterest or Instagram if I was delivered the same content every other person with similar demographics to me sees. What really engages the user (I.e. Sucks you into the depths of Instagram photos and Pinterest boards where time seemingly stands still), is how personal the experience is for each and every person. Our business applications can, and should, create this individualized and adaptable experience too.
  3. Make it Simple. Did you have to read all about Spotify or Facebook before you started using them? Nope, you downloaded, explored and were ready to share your life with the world.  Why shouldn’t our business applications deliver the same intuitive, unencumbered – and even fun – experience? Point, click (or, touch) and grow.

Comment below and let us know how your workplace is being influenced and evolving.



How Will You Usher in an Era of Change?

Now is an exciting time to be in the HR industry, a new approach to the way companies attract, nurture, develop and reward the workforce is inevitable. 

Okay, everybody from analysts to vendors have been blogging and Tweeting about this ‘coming change’ for the past year or more – but the time is really here.  Pressured by a rapidly changing and digitally-armed workforce with new expectations, combined with the growing urgency to address lagging engagement and retention rates that are having a tangible impact on organizational success, our customers are leading the charge in evolving the way they approach all things ‘People’.

We’re seeing innovative HR and Learning practitioners looking for new ways to keep their people excited, productive and growing – from new digitally-engaging talent practices to fresh ways and formats for delivering learning and development programs.

One such SumTotal customer, Capgemini, is a prime example of a global organization on the cutting edge of the evolution of learning and development.  Delivering a robust and global curriculum to 180,000+ employees across 40 countries is impressive enough – but Capgemini has been able to reach over 90% of their headcount with development programs, with their learning solution playing a critical role and second in usage only to email.  Capgemini University set out to be a strategic partner for continuous transformation and competitive advantage, and ultimately achieved so much more.

With an initial focus on building key capabilities that got people excited about development and linked L&D initiatives to the business, Capgemini is now looking ahead to delivering personalized, data-driven learning and development in the digital age.


Join us at HR Tech Monday, October 19th  (11-12am) as Debbie Collins, Director of MyLearning and University Information Systems, shares the Capgemini evolution – including where they’re heading next to continue to empower and engage their global, modern workforce.   Hear about the critical practices they built and embraced to build and bring focus to their key capabilities, while strengthening the global university with reach across the company, and the key milestones of their journey.  Debbie will be joined by Humair Ghauri, SumTotal Senior Vice President of Products and Technology, as they share how the partnership between leading business practices and enabling technology will propel organizations like Capgemini into the era of the self-developing organization.

Staying on Top of Your Game at Perspectives

Staying ‘current’ in your line of work isn’t always easy, I often feel a tug-of war between the demands of staying on top of the evolving business practices of my profession and keeping current with what is happening within the industry that I work.  I’m passionate about dedicating time to learning and developing across both areas – add to that the desire to build leadership skills, emotional intelligence, peer relationships, time management and other skills.  Continually developing and growing as a professional takes purpose and effort. 

One of the areas that I find often meets a number of my development needs at once is attending industry conferences.  I feel inspired networking with peers and hearing what challenges they’re facing and how they’re meeting them, how they’re approaching new trends or what tools and technology they’re embracing – brief chats over a cup of coffee or at a lunch table often leave me with thoughts or ideas that last beyond the conference.

As an HR or Learning professional, you have a terrific such resource available – only weeks away, the 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives Conference.

Here are seven reasons why, as a SumTotal customer, you’ll find value in attending the 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives Conference:

1)      SumTotal Breakout Sessions:  SumTotal product-specific insight presented alongside trends and best-practice sharing from our experts – whether you are a SumTotal user, team leader or manager, or exploring ways to modernize your processes – these sessions will provide you with a few tips.

Tip: Don’t miss the SumTotal Innovation session on Wednesday afternoon, as we highlight some of the ways we’re creating new solutions to meet the evolving needs of today’s modern organizations.

2)      Product Showcase: This provides a great opportunity to speak one-on-one with product experts, see demos and get hands-on product insight – and a time to network with your peers.

3)      Customer Sessions: Learn firsthand how SumTotal customers are leveraging Skillsoft content within SumTotal Learn, driving adoption and measurable results of the LMS and transforming the performance management process –these are just a few of the topics being addressed by SumTotal customers during the conference.

4)      SumTotal Workshops: We are offering a terrific 90-minute workshop featuring two of our SumTotal executives sharing their experience working with customers to harness the power of Extended Enterprise – including leveraging e-commerce capabilities to monetize your learning investment and extend the reach of learning and development programs to partners and customers.  There are also a number of compelling workshops that appeal to a variety of audiences regardless of the products you currently use – including topics such as aligning programs and organizational goals, developing a continuous learning framework and enhancing the end-user experience to increase adoption.

5)      Networking Opportunities: There will be ample opportunities throughout the conference to meet your peers and share best practices, challenges and ask questions. In addition to Wednesday’s exciting Universal CityWalk® Block Party, don’t miss Monday’s evening welcome reception and the networking breakfasts each morning.

Tip: Watch for upcoming communication on a designated time during Perspectives to meet with other SumTotal users and learn how you can get involved in various customer feedback groups that help you connect with your peers, and connect users directly with our product management teams to provide insight on product direction.

6)      Skillsoft Sessions and Workshops: Many of the Skillsoft sessions provide terrific industry best-practices and insight, valuable for SumTotal and Skillsoft customers alike – a few relevant topics include integrating technology and learning, building effective compliance programs and aligning learning to corporate strategy.

7)      General Sessions and Keynote Speakers: Our general sessions appeal to both SumTotal and Skillsoft attendees, and include a number of terrific executives and guest speakers covering relevant topics like employee engagement, the modern workforce, defining corporate culture and innovation in learning – as well as a fun, interactive Industry Expert Panel discussing “Talent Analytics in Practice”.

I encourage you to check out the Perspectives website for updates on workshops and breakout sessions and download a SumTotal specific agenda, created to highlight sessions created specifically for SumTotal customers.  Don’t miss this terrific opportunity to network with your peers, learn some new best practices and hear from industry gurus from around the globe.