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How The Oracle, Workday And Cloud Partnerships Impacts HR And Learning Professionals

The recent announcement made by Workday and to standardize on each other's applications and platforms, at first blush, sounds like nirvana. For many organizations, application integration continues to be an ongoing challenge regardless of how it's deployed, and the notion of leveraging big data across applications certainly is drawing appeal, at least at a conceptual level. Two camps are forming with pure Cloud vendors on one side and big enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors moving to Cloud on the other. But where does that leave human resources and learning when it comes to helping people be better at their jobs?

It’s not the size of the data; it’s what you do with it.

No term in the history of business applications has generated more fodder than the term big data. As vendors frantically push in-memory databases, data warehouses, intergalactic analytics and dashboards that make your head spin, most organizations are left wondering how any of it helps an employee, manager or executive make better decisions when and where they need it – while they are doing their jobs. But if you have experienced or similar software, you understand the power of an intelligent, contextual engine. Based on information about you, people like you, and business data around what you are trying to accomplish, the system makes specific recommendations for you to make better choices instead of forcing you to choose from a list of seemingly infinite possibilities.